You actually want to resign from work long before the Coronavirus pandemic broke out. However, the plague comes and you lose your motivation to find the job you want.

Don’t be too pessimistic. The economic climate is not conducive, but that does not mean that the world job market will be gone forever. The company may not be hiring new employees at this time. However, they will sooner or later recruit people back. The company probably won’t hire you today, because they are trying to figure out how to do business virtually.

Therefore, this is the right time for you to build relationships and increase your network by spreading out your resume. At the very least, you are actively giving your opinion and channeling your ideas through the platform that recruiters love the most, namely Linkedin.

If we look at the job posting on the platform, there are still positions that are needed. This means that companies are still recruiting during the pandemic. Not all businesses go down during COVID. There are types of businesses that get “fresh air”, such as online commerce, telecommunications and the internet, health, and food and beverage.

Logically, if their stellenangebote business is able to maintain the same level of income and consumers still want the product, then they will continue to move forward.

With all the explanation above, it means that you can still actively look for work. Hence, these tips will navigate you through the job application process during the pandemic.

  1. Be patient

If you are currently employed, think about how to make your job feel better. Because, there are several positions that have not become a priority for recruitment. So don’t be reckless to move quickly.

On the other hand, if you don’t work, don’t assume that your future job is the perfect job. With more and more companies being hit by Corona, most importantly now, you have got a job first.

  1. Network in new ways

Many meetings were canceled due to social restrictions. So, you need to find new networking strategies. You can look for professionals who are active online writing their thoughts, whether on the Linkedin, Medium, or Quora platforms. You can also take part in online classes that usually involve professionals as tutors.

You can also join professional groups on Facebook, Linkedin, or Telegram. For example, if you are looking for a job in marketing, you could join a group of marketing professionals such as digital marketing or Advertising Age.

Be actively involved in conversations and comments, and get yourself seen by others. Make sure to keep the conversation professional by posting relevant articles and covering topics where you can demonstrate your expertise.

  1. Always Ready

Maybe you recently had a promising interview and a job offer seems imminent. However, companies choose to do remote work ( remote ).

Make sure in the email you send, you are ready to work with remote methods. During the waiting time, find out information about remote working . What do you prepare and how comfortable you will feel working from home.

  1. Be “intel”

The COVID-19 crisis provides new insights into corporate culture. You can observe how companies handle emergencies and treat employees during a pandemic. What you can do is follow the company on social media. Update yourself with media coverage of the company.

For example, does the company allow employees to work from home? What incentives does the company get? What was the company’s protocol during the New Normal ? And most importantly: Have they laid off employees?

So, when the interview comes, you can at least understand the concerns the company is experiencing and the threats it faces. You can quote what you read and listen to. Additionally, use your knowledge to explain how you can help the company achieve its goals if it is hired.

  1. Take time to meditate

Job seekers often apply here and there, without fully considering what they want to do next. Take advantage of this slowing job market by convincing yourself of where you want to work and what types of positions to look for.

Create a one-page document that lists your target industry, company name, title, and anything else you’re looking for. If the company you are looking for has not been hunting for new employees, at least from the beginning you have used your network to make connections with them.

  1. Improve your health

During a pandemic, everyone seems to be made aware that health is important. It is not whether you will catch this virus or not. Instead, you need to stay healthy to avoid going to the hospital yourself. Because, hospitals are currently prone to contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Now is the perfect time to improve your sense of health, both physically and mentally. In addition, make sure that you are covered by health insurance that guarantees your future health costs.