Ways to Create PDF Files Simple

For some people, making PDF files is quite difficult to do because they know the nature of PDF documents that are different from documents such as word. In word, the writing in it can be edited. As for the PDF, the text in it cannot be edited or changed. To create a PDF document is actually an easy thing to do.

We can do PDF files quickly and easily, and of course it’s free. The PDF file is often used because it has become the standard format in making an internet book (digital) or what is often called an Ebook. By creating a PDF file, it means that we can create an ebook, which can later be published on the internet, or one of them to social media. Download PDF Books, Free PDF textbooks

And this PDF document file generally contains text in it, besides that it can also insert images, graphics and others into a PDF. Some other examples of using documents in the form of PDF files are to make digital scientific journals, scan securities and then convert them to PDF format, and for many other things.

How to Create a PDF File

There are several ways to create PDF files, such as one of the most well-known methods is converting a word document into a PDF document, which conversion makes the document permanent, meaning that the contents cannot be changed. In addition, PDF files are more secure from attacks by malicious programs such as viruses. Below are some ways to create PDF files.

1. Create PDF files with Microsoft Office.

If you are a user of MS. Office 2010 and above does not need to install an add-in (download link will be provided later). As for Microsoft Office 2007 users, it is necessary to install an add-in, so that later they can convert Word to PDF. The following is an explanation of the steps in full.

  1. First install the add-in to create PDF (for users from MS. Office 2010 and above don’t need to do this, skip to step number 10). Download the add-in on the official Microsoft site at http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/confirmation.aspx?id=7
  2. To download, just click the download button on the site, select download Save as pdf
  3. Then a display appears, click on the no thanks and continues button.
  4. The download process starts.
  5. After completing the download process, then install the downloaded file, how
  6. Double click on the SaveAsPDF.exe file
  7. Then click Yes
  8. After that you need to check click here to …, then click continue.
  9. The process of installing the add-in starts, wait for it to finish.
  10. After the installation process is complete, now we can convert word to PDF.
  11. The trick is to click the office icon (in the upper edge)
  12. Select the Save as menu
  13. Select PDF
  14. Then give the PDF file name (it’s up to you)
  15. After that click publish, and the process of creating a pdf file starts.
  16. How to create this PDF, the method is almost the same in all versions of Microsoft office, be it versions 2007, 2010, 2013 or above. The point is just select save as, then select PDF.

2. Create PDF files online

If your computer or device is connected to an internet network, then you can make a pdf online on an application service on the internet. Several types of files that can be converted into PDF are document files (Word, Excel, PPT, TXT) and image files (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF etc.). Here’s how to make a PDF online below:

  1. First of all visit the site http://pdfonline.com/convert-pdf
  2. Then on the site click “Upload files to convert”
  3. After that a window appears, you select the document file you want to make into a PDF. Then click Open.
  4. Then you wait for the conversion process to complete.
  5. After 100% complete, a page will appear containing the converted file to PDF.
  6. All you have to do is take the finished PDF file, click on the download button (above).
  7. Then the survey page usually appears, this section is not important, so just click on “Skip survey”.
  8. And the last is to click on the Download PDF File button.
  9. After that the process of downloading the finished PDF file will start, wait for it to finish.

3. Create PDF files with CutePDF.

The CutePDF software has the ability to convert document file types to PDF format. CutePDF is software that you can use for free, and there is no usage limit and there is no watermark display which reduces the beauty of the created PDF file.

Download the CutePDF software here.

After that, install the software on your computer or laptop. And creating PDF files using CutePDF can be easily done, because CutePDF has been designed to be integrated with the printer subsystem. So that the CutePDF software can act as a virtual printer in creating PDF file documents.

How to use CutePDF, first open the document you want to convert into a PDF document, then select print (you can get this menu by right clicking on the document file), after that a window appears, there you change the printer option with CutePDF Writer is smart.

After you set it like that, then click OK. Then a window will appear asking you to choose where to save the PDF file to be created. Then please choose the location, then click OK. That way the process of creating a PDf file will start, you wait for it to finish.

4. Create PDF with Free PDF Creator

Free PDF Creator software you can use for free to convert all types of documents into PDF files, with more than 300 document file formats and other files supported. Another advantage of Free PDF Creator is that it supports Asian Language fonts, there are many choices of output, features changing document properties and entering a password on the created PDF document. Below is how to use the Free PDF Creator software.

  1. First of all download the PDF Creator software at http://www.pdfconverter.com/freepdfcreator
  2. You open the document file that you want to make into a PDF file
  3. Select the file menu, then select print
  4. In the list that is there you select print with the “Free PDF Creator” method
  5. Then the PDF result settings menu appears later.
  6. In the “Output quality” setting, you can adjust the quality of the PDF (you can choose it freely)
  7. In the “Document properties” setting, the point is to fill in the title, name the author, and some other things that you can see there.
  8. In the “Security” setting, the point is to set a password or not, activate the copy feature or not, and several other functions
  9. After you set everything, then just start the process of converting the document to PDF, wait for the process to finish.