Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes, Try this Treatment

Diabetes is a disease that causes complications in almost all organs of the body, including nerves and blood vessels. And as discussed earlier, in the article about the factors that cause erectile dysfunction , blood vessels are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

As quoted in an explanation on one health site,, blood vessels in the penis were not spared from diabetes. Erections occur because blood vessels in the penis widen and fill with blood so that it becomes tense. When blood vessels are damaged or narrowed due to diabetes, the penis will not be able to erect.

Usually, men with diabetes who experience erectile dysfunction also experience high blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes this erectile dysfunction is an early symptom found in men, before diabetes is detected. So for years he was unaware of having diabetes.

However, erectile dysfunction due to diabetes can also be treated. The first thing you can do is consult a doctor or ask an expert. Indeed, most men are reluctant to discuss erectile dysfunction with their doctor. But don’t let shyness keep you from getting help.

Tell the doctor what you are experiencing. The doctor will explore what the exact causes of erectile dysfunction that we are suffering from. Of course with information about treatment options. If indeed the cause is diabetes, ask your doctor what you can levitra en farmacias do to better manage diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels properly can help prevent damage to nerves and blood vessels, and improve quality of life.

If you have consulted a doctor or expert, you can start looking for any treatment information available to help you recover from the problem of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. One treatment that you can do is with Shock Wave Therapy ( Theraphy ). dr. Bumi Piwulang Caraka explains erectile dysfunction caused by physical factors can be healed by Shock Wave Therapy. “Various physical diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease can be treated through this therapy, except for erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors,” explained Bumi.

How to treat this therapy, continued the Earth is by destroying the plaque in the blood vessels of the penis area so that the blood cycle can run smoothly. “The function of Shockwave Therapy is to destroy plaque that is present in blood vessels.”

Besides being able to help cure erectile dysfunction, the Earth also explains the reasons for choosing the treatment of Shock Wave Therapy, namely so that patients do not consume enough medication. “Because people who have diabetes, heart disease or hypertension, they tend to take drugs, while these drugs also trigger erectile dysfunction. So, this therapy can be an alternative treatment. “