Causes of Erectile Dysfunction at a Young Age

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to start or maintain an erection during intercourse. This condition will appear repeatedly, causing problems in an active sexual life. Both sufferers and partners will certainly be equally disturbed.

Often erectile dysfunction problems are associated with older men. Unfortunately, this is not always true. A 2013 study reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that this condition can be found in 26% of men under the age of 40 years. Furthermore, half of young men who are impotent turn out to have a severe form of this condition.

There are three main symptoms of erectile dysfunction, so they are generally quite recognizable: inability to get an erection, inability to maintain an erection long enough to have sex, and difficulty getting an erection strong enough to have sex.

Psychological factors play a role

Erectile dysfunction in young men is mostly caused by psychological factors, where anxiety is often the main trigger. This can include fears of sexual performance, worries of impregnating a partner, fears of losing an erection if using a condom, and so on.

Stress and depression also play a role in reducing libido, which then contributes to erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, relationship problems and lack of communication with a partner can also cause sexual problems.

In addition to psychological factors, physical factors such as narrowing of blood vessels can also cause impotence. This is due to the difficulty of blood flow into the penis through narrowed blood vessels. This condition can be related to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on.

Various other causes viagra livraison express of erectile dysfunction, including hormonal imbalances (for example due to steroid use, low testosterone hormones, as well as abnormalities of thyroid hormones and prolactin), use of certain drugs (for example antidepressants, antihypertensives, etc.), and anatomical abnormalities in the penis (for example phimosis or Peyronie).

Lifestyle is also a trigger

Interestingly, this sexual disorder can also be caused by the lifestyle of sufferers who are not healthy. For example, smoking habits that are often done by Indonesian men from an early age. Apparently, smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 60%.

Alcohol abuse also has an effect, but a fair amount of consumption is not associated with erectile dysfunction. In addition, obesity plays a role in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone and poor circulation. Obesity can be caused by poor or excessive eating patterns, and rarely perform physical activities such as sports.

Given the many possible causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age, a person with this condition needs to be diagnosed by experts so that the cause can be identified. This is related to the therapy to be given, because it can vary depending on the cause of impotence.

For example, impotence caused by anxiety about sexual performance can be overcome by good communication with a partner. However, if it is caused by obesity, then losing weight to reach ideal weight is the solution.

So, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor about your erectile dysfunction problems, although this may make you embarrassed or uncomfortable. You are not alone, and surely doctors have handled many of the same conditions that you have experienced. I hope this helps!