Things You Can Do To Increase Endurance

The spread of the corona virus now seems to have not found a point where it will really end. With this uncertainty, endurance is one that must be maintained.

The reason is, with optimal body endurance, then you will not be easy to get sick. Endurance is a stronghold that has an important role in maintaining a healthy body.

Now, when doing  physical distancing  at home, you are certainly required to do things that can increase endurance. So, you don’t only watch movies or television series while at home.

Therefore, Bob has summarized 10 things you can do while at home to increase endurance. Some of them you might have known before.

Eating foods that strengthen the immune system

The first thing that can be done to increase endurance is to eat healthy foods, especially those touted as immune-boosting foods.

Food itself has a vital role in increasing endurance. Try to avoid consuming raw foods such as meat, eggs, until raw vegetables.

However, multiply some foods that have good nutrition for the body such as vitamins B, C, D, E. Some healthy foods in this category are vegetables , meat, nuts, seafood, and yogurt.

Exercise regularly

It is well known by the general public if exercising regularly is a good way to increase endurance. What is meant cialis generico online italia consegna veloce here regularly is not necessary every day you know.

What’s important is that in a week, you can take your time two to 4 times to be able to exercise. The sport itself just adjusts to what you like.

If, like  jogging  or running, you can go around your housing complex or come to  the jogging track. If you like sports that are played together like futsal, just play.

Managing Stress

The next thing that can increase endurance is managing stress. Stress itself is proven to increase a person’s risk of many diseases.

The reason is, when stress strikes, your immune system can decrease. This certainly makes someone stressed more easily attacked by disease. So, manage that stress well.

You can do this by doing hobbies,  me time,  to yoga and meditation. Not only that, do not check every hour the latest news about the corona virus. Let your brain rest from bad news every day.


Having mentioned before, meditation can be an alternative thing that can be done to increase endurance. This alone is supported by recent studies.

In the study said that meditation can consistently help improve health in the midst of stressful situations. This was conveyed directly by meditation practitioner, Ellie Burrows Gluck.

The matter of how, there are a number of ways to be able to do this meditation. Which is quite simple you can do by taking a deep breath and then calm your mind. Do the meditation 10 to 15 minutes every day.

Do not consume alcohol

Furthermore, this one thing is actually recommended for you not to do. If you do, there is actually a decreased immune system. What Bob meant was to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks.

In a glass of alcoholic drinks, there are metabolites called aldehydes. This metabolite actually causes bad things to your body because it can damage the body’s immune system.

You can guess it too, right? With a damaged immune system, this will increase the risk of disease. Some diseases caused by alcoholic drinks are esophageal, heart, and other cancers.